There are a number of quick snacks available from the kitchen as well as the set meals.

My favourite is the cheese and tomato sandwich with French fries.


Evening Dinner in Bentota Sri Lanka at the Malu Banna Restaurant

After a day exploring the delights of Sri Lanka and a safari on the Bentota River,  indulge in a wonderful evening meal with some fresh fish great local vegetables and a satisfying glass of Lion.

Local Sri Lankan dishes are council and tasty. If you like “spicy and hot” just let the chef know and he will make it to your choice.  




Breakfast in Sri Lanka on the Riverside at Malu Banna Hotel Activity Centre – Bentota

Breakfast malu banna Bentota Sri Lanka

Start the day with a healthy breakfast locally produced fresh fruits have a taste that is so awesome you simply do not get from the European supermarkets.

Breakfast malu banna Bentota Sri Lanka
Breakfast malu banna Bentota Sri Lanka
Manubanna fresh fruit breakfast BENTOTA Sri Lanka
Manu Banna fresh fruit breakfast BENTOTA Sri Lanka

There is no better location to enjoy breakfast.  The fresh sea breeze invigorating the body as you relax watching the early morning activity of fishing boats passing by.

Malubanna2 fishing123
 Malubanna1 fishing789 

 Omelettes made to order using locally produced fresh eggs, fresh vegetables and if you need some local spices.


 Try a pinch of local Sri Lankan cinnamon with your omelette for a slightly different and exotic flavour.

Fresh local egg omelette
Fresh local egg omelette


Water Skiing – Bentota Sri Lanka

Water Skiing Sri Lanka – Bentota River and Lagoon

Feel the wind on your face and the water flowing under your feet as you experience the thrill of learning to water-ski.

One of our experienced instructors will start your lesson on dry land working through the basic techniques and completing a safety briefing. When you feel confident you can take to the water. Our water skiing boat has a teaching bar so that even the most timid learner feels safe. It is especially useful for children. So off you go, let the fun and excitement begin!

If you are already a proficient skier you can improve your skills by taking a lesson with our highly qualified teachers, some of whom have competed at the Asian Games and many who have also taken part in National Championships.

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